Meet Jolene – she’s not just another employee at Schodowski Law Inc., PS. With her signature squashed-face smile, prancing gait, and boundless energy, Jolene is the firm’s official mascot and unofficial fur-assistant. And oh, did we mention she’s a French Bulldog?

Jolene joined the team when she was just a pup and, despite her small stature, has quickly made a big impression. Though she may lack a law degree (and the ability to talk), her contributions to the office atmosphere are immense. From brightening up our staff meetings with her adorable antics to offering silent support during those high-pressure moments, Jolene serves as a reminder that sometimes, you just need to pause, take a breath, and scratch behind your ears… or was that her ears?

At just two years old, Jolene has already mastered the art of office politics. Need to break the ice with a new client? She’s there with her heartwarming playfulness. Need a stress reliever after a long day of negotiations? She’s got you covered with an enthusiastic game of fetch down the office hallway.

However, don’t be fooled by her playfulness. Jolene is also very serious about her “job.” When she’s not busy melting hearts with her soulful puppy eyes or entertaining clients with her ceaseless enthusiasm, Jolene is quite adept at patrolling the office, checking in on each staff member, and making sure we’re all on top of our game.

Remember, if you’re visiting Schodowski Law Inc., PS for a consultation, don’t forget to look down and offer Jolene a pat – she loves to meet new people almost as much as she loves her squeaky toys. And don’t worry, she’s a great listener. Confidentiality is her middle name. Well, it would be if she had a middle name.

So, whether you need top-notch legal advice or a little dog therapy, Jolene and the rest of the team at Schodowski Law Inc., PS are here to help. After all, there’s nothing quite like the comforting presence of a French Bulldog to make a law firm feel more like home.