Marijuana DUIs were added to Washington State law under I-502 and established a presumptive limit of 5.00 nanograms per millileter in the bloodstream of active THC. Before the passage of I-502 there was no strict limit and the law required officers’ judgment to determine impairment or intoxication, similar to how DUIs for other legal drugs and prescription drugs are treated today.

Marijuana DUI Blood Draws

Now prosecutors can simply rely on the results of the blood draw to and no longer have to prove you were affected and impaired by marijuana. Unlike alcohol where you give consent and could lose your license if you fail to provide a breath sample, you are not required to supply your blood. Police officers must acquire a search warrant or your consent to administer a blood draw.

Under 21 is zero-tolerance for driving under the influence of THC. 

Science is catching up with usage of marijuana, it is still an illegal substance in most of the United States and research monies are slowly becoming available. A news story like this shows the difference between marijuana users and driving ability and you might be surprised to see what they found out.
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